Unclogging Your Drain Without Using Chemicals

You don’t have to use harsh chemicals once you encounter a clogged drain. In exchange for the short-term fix of unclogging the drain, the chemical agent may enter the water system or septic tank and badly affect the septic system, as well as the environment around you. In fact, chemicals usually don’t work when there is a completely stopped up drain, or no drainage situation. A clogged drain may be best serviced using a solution that is chemical free.


1) Use baking soda if the drain is slowly draining, in order to make it drain faster, and apply until it clogs by coming up from the drain. Pour in vinegar slowly at that point. The two ingredients will wash away the baking soda as it creates foam. When baking soda no longer bubbles, stop pouring. Debris and other junk should be cleaned from the pipe this way.

2) Unblocking clogs is best done with a plunger. Once the sink is filled with water, the plunger to be placed above the drain, pushed down in order to begin producing a suction action, then firmly up. The cost will go down the drain in most cases because the suction action causes it to get pulled backwards through the pipe in order to dislodge it. The drain should flow freely once the plunger’s suction action is repeated

3) Snake the drain. You can go to any hardware store to pick up the same kind of snake device that plumbers utilize. The snake should be pushed into the drain pipe once the basin is filled with water. This action should be done while turning the handle of the device. Once it reaches the clog as a result of feeding out the device into the drain, it should bore through the clog in order to clear it. Pull out the snake once the sink is draining, and a clog free pipe should be the result.

Precautions and pointers

  • Devices like the drain king increase the apparent pressure of the water by expanding within the drain, thus pushing the clog out of the blocked area and through the piping.
  • If there are cross beams or a basket that keep clogging material from going through the drain, the kitchen sink or drain cannot be serviced using a drain king.
  • ┬áHot water can be run through the drain king after you dislodge the blockage, and this allows grease to be cleaned from the pipes.

If using a drain king, being mindful of other open parts of the piping. The toilet, other sinks, etc., should be observed by yourself or someone else. Excess pressure in some cases can cause water to spew out from another opening, as result of the pressure pushing the clog out through those openings, particularly the toilet.


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