Install a new toilet yourself

Save your back by installing your new toilet the same way you removed the old one; in pieces.

If the closet bolts are the type that slide into the flange, put them in place parallel to the wall behind the toilet.  If they screw into the floor, you will have to replace the old bolts with new ones.

  • Put a towel or rug on the floor then put the new bowl upside down on the rug.  Find the waste horn (this is the protrusion at the base of the toilet that extends into the flange).  Install a wax ring in the waste horn.  The wax ring will have a tapered end which should face the toilet.  Tip: a warm wax ring that is softer is easier to work with so if you had it in the cold let it warm a bit before installing.
  • Remove the plug from the waste drain hole.  Carefully put the toilet in position on the flange.  Install the retainer washers and nut, loosely.  Remember to install the tapered washer’s right side up.  The manufacturer’s instructions will tell you exactly how to install them.
  • Once you position the toilet over the flange press down gently with a slight rocking motion making a seal with the wax ring between the waste horn and flange.  When the bowl is in place tighten the closet bolts alternating one side then the other to equally distribute the pressure.
  • Put the bolt caps on the closet bolts.  Check for leaks.  If there are no leaks seal the base of the toilet with tub and bath silicon sealant.  Smooth the bead with your wet finger.

Installing the Tank

  • Position the large rubber gasket over the outlet at the bottom of the tank according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Push the tank mounting bolts and rubber washers through the mounting area from inside the tank.
  • Position the tank on the bowl and tighten the nuts alternating from side to side. Be sure not to over-tighten the bolts.
  • Install the toilet seat following the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Connect the water supply line.  If you are using rigid line bend the line gently to make it fit. Be careful that the bends do not crimp the line causing the flow of water to be obstructed, or worse a break in the line.  Flexible line is easy to install, simply slide the line in place and tighten the fittings; no bends to worry about.


Adjusting the Flushing Mechanism

Now that your toilet is installed flush it to see how it works.  You may need to make some small adjustments to the flushing mechanism.  Changes are simple when you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

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