How Does Drano Work?

Drano works for both bathtubs, sinks, dish disposal units and bathtubs to remove debris clogging up the piping. The product was created in 1923 by Harry Drackett when he merged aluminum, sodium nitrate, sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide in a unique chemical combination. Basically, the hydroxide heats up the compound as the sodium dissolve as a mixture. Drain cluttering items from hair to soap and other residue are then removed once the heat is sufficient to dissolve them.

In 1965 Drackett’s company was acquired by Bristol-Myers, who was in turn bought out by SC Johnson in 1992. Brand extension has since diversified Drano’s action to unclog a drain into five different product lines. The five include Kitchen Crystals clog remover, Liquid clog remover, Dual Force Foamer clog remover, Build Up remover and Max Jell clog remover. There is a different type of clogged pipe served by each distinct product.

 How it functions

All material blocking a pipe gets dissolved by Dual Force Foamer clog remover, as the sole codes the entire wall by filling the whole pipe. As the clogging arterial is broken down by the heat created by the product, the force and heat of hot water flowing through the pipe flushes out the remainder of the debris. The operation of the Max Jell clog remover, by contrast, is to cling to the clog itself, law enough for the clog to be cleared. Since this jell operates with water within the drain, it’s best to use it in a sink filled with water. Every type of pipe is safe for use of this product.

For less intense clogs, Drano has sold a cheaper version called Liquid clog remover over the last two decades, which is helpful for minor clog problems. Build up remover is also safe for each drain in the house, and is designed to be used to prevent clog issues if used once each month. Its ingredients include bacteria and natural enzymes. It is designed to be safe for toilet use, making it the only Drano line product safe for that application. If a whole lacks a garbage disposal in the kitchen, kitchen crystals clog remover is the best match. Coldwater works best with it to get rid of grease clogging and other material.


Trap A is the bend in the pipe where most clogs begin to build, and the primary debris material is hair. Stubborn hair clogs are best dealt with using Max Jell clog remover. A foreign and miscellaneous object usually settles into trap B towards the middle of the drain. Drano can only work partially in moving out that material, but complete removal will require a plumber. A snaking device is the best option for plumber to use when there is a continued buildup of the clog in the drain.

Handle Drano products with care, and avoid having me contact with the eyes. If ingesting the product, seek a doctor’s assistance to address the situation.

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