Dual Flush Toilets

When you’re looking for the ultimate efficiency in a toilet, you’re motivated by more than just getting yourself the best looking or fastest flushing toilet on the market. Water efficiency, as well as a long lifetime of service, ought to uppermost on your mind. The drain on your water resources, as well as the drain on your budget, will also weight heavily on your mind. When you need the best, you’ve got to be prepared to spend a bit more to get it. Remember, when you’re thinking about installing a toilet in your home, you need it to be there and in tip top shape for the long haul!

So, when you’re in search of the best, most efficient toilet that can be found on the modern market place, look no further than a dual flush toilet! A dual flush toilet is essentially a variation on the old tried and true 19th century flush toilet. Dual flush toilets use two separate, adjoining handles, to flush down two different, succeeding, levels of water. Dual flush toilets were first developed in Australia by the inventor and plumbing expert Bruce Thompson. Since its invention in 1993, the latest models have managed to cut water usage nearly in half. This has been a major breakthrough in water efficiency, with a natural reduction effect on the average water bill for families who make use of them.

In fact, today’s latest dual flush toilets have been clinically tested and scientifically proven to reduce 67% of water usage in homes that employ them. Of course, as noted above, the somewhat more complicated structure of dual flush toilets means that they will cost more to purchase and install in your home. However, this initial expenditure is more than offset by the resulting benefits that accrue during the succeeding twenty or thirty years of constant savings when it comes to water resources and utility bills.

Although modern 21st century dual flush toilets are a logical successor to the traditional Western flush toilet, they differ in several respects from the old fashioned design of siphon flush toilets. For one thing, dual flush toilets rely on the natural force of downward gravity to flush and disperse waste. Chiefly due to its dual flush mechanism, this modern brand of toilet dispenses with the traditional siphoning action, which thus enables it to use a great deal less water in performing its removal action.

Essentially, dual flush toilets perform their waste removal functions on the same basic principles as airplane toilets. The water line in a modern dual flush toilet will prove to be considerably lower than in a traditional single flush toilet. Again, this is due to the removal of the siphoning function. Less water used means less water wasted. As noted above, the dual flush toilet has two levers which release the water. These levers output water in two separate capacities: 0.8 gallons and 1.6 gallons. The smaller, 0.8 gallon, lever has been specifically designed to flush away liquids, while the larger, 1.6 gallon, is utilized to remove solids. The dual flush toilet makes use of a large, double shuttered, trap mechanism, which is designed to allow water to emerge more quickly and thus clean the bowl in more efficient fashion.

The advantages accruing from the purchase and installation of a modern, fully equipped, dual flush toilet ought to be obvious to even the most casual or jaded reader. To begin with, the estimated 67% savings in one’s family water utility bill ought to be enough to warrant the initial outlay of funds. And since dual flush toilets have been proven to possess a lifetime of thirty to forty years’ service, that’s an awful lot of service and savings to consider!

Of course, there are even more factors that ought to be considered. For one thing, with water in increasingly short supply all over the world, one’s consumption of this precious liquid ought not to be taken lightly. There are millions of gallons being wasted even as you read this sentence. Dual flush toilets, because they make much less use of water to begin with, are thus inherently more environmentally friendly than the standard, old fashioned, single flush model. When you’re consciously attempting to reduce not only your home’s carbon foot print, but also the drain you place on the nation’s supply of clean, fresh, water, a dual flush toilet seems to be the logical choice.

Conservation of energy, including water, ought to uppermost on everyone’s mind, and dual flush toilets are an excellent addition in the fight against energy waste. This issue is especially pertinent in the United States, where it is estimated that, by the year 2013, an estimated 36 states will be in the grip of a chronic water shortage. Get your dual flush toilet now, and be better prepared to deal with this swiftly oncoming crisis. Just as a passing example, a family of seven can save up to 49 gallons of water a day, simply by switching to a modern dual flush toilet. $9 gallons of water per day, over the course of an entire year, eventually equals 18,000 gallons. That’s nearly the size of an official Olympic swimming pool. If for no other reason, isn’t it better to be at least a tiny part of the solution, rather than just another part of the problem?

It’s also a fact that the average American family household spends roughly 1.5% of its budget on water and sewage utility bills. If that family were equipped with a dual flush toilet that could save that 18,000 gallons of water from being wasted every year, it would make for a considerable amount of money saved. Imagine being able to finally go on that long wished for Hawaiian or Australian vacation, thanks in large part to the savings you accrued by simply not wasting it all on your household water bill!

In short, dual flush toilets are the wave of the future, so to speak. Why not do some further research online and see for yourself the benefits that switching to a dual flush toilet could bring to you and yours?

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