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Fixing a Leaky Pipe

May. 9th 2013

Just about every home owner has experienced issues with the pipes in their home. It seems like it is just a fact of home ownership. Sooner or later a problem will arise concerning pipes. Home owners usually recognize that there is a problem when they receive a water bill that seems rather high. The first thought is that there must be a leak in the house or someone is taking too many showers. Fixing a leaking pipe begins with making sure that there is a leaking pipe in the home. Let’s take a closer look at the issue.

First, go through the house and turn off all the sources that use water. Make sure all the faucets are off. Turn off the ice maker in the fridge. Next, go to the water meter and take a close look at the dials or digits. Moving digits or a dial that continues to move probably points to a leak in the pipes. Finding the source of the leak might take a bit more time. It is time to put on your detectives’ hat and do some research. Often, it is easy to find the leak by listening to the pipes and following the sound.

Once you’ve discovered the source of the leak it is time to get to work fixing the leaking pipe. Often, it is easy to fix the leak with a few items that you might already have around the house. Homeowners should understand that it is important to tackle that leak as soon as possible. A leaking pipe could cause really serious water damage to the house and surrounding furnishings.

Once you’ve discovered the source of the leak turn off the water supply to stop any further damage. For example, if the leak is in the pipe leading to the tub, turn off the water supply valve on the tub. Perhaps, the leak is to a kitchen sink. Turn off the valve that supplies water to the kitchen sink. The valve should be under the sink. Turn off the main water supply vale if you cannot find the other valves.

There are a number of ways to temporarily fix a leaking pipe. First, let’s tackle the simplest way to fix leaking pipes. Take a length of electrical tape and wrap it securely around the leaking pipe. Make sure that the leak area is fully covered. Wrap a few inches beyond the leak for extra security. Now, the next way to fix a leaking pipe is a bit more complicated and requires a few more items for the repair. This repair will require a piece of rubber gasket that is slightly larger than the leak in the pipes. The repair also requires a worm drive screw clamp. Open up the clamp and slowly slip it over the leak on the pipe. Center the strap on the clamp over the rubber gasket patch which is placed on top of the leak. Next, screw the clamp device tight. This repair should last much longer than the previous repair. Still, it is wise to consult with a plumber about a permanent repair on the pipe.

Of course, there are also leaking pipe repair products on the market that are very good at fixing a minor leak in a pipe system. Many of the products are very reasonably priced. Make sure that you read and follow the instructions very carefully.

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